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       Carmel – University of Haifa, Economic Corporation Ltd.

       ICIA provides various service for Carmel, such as:

  • ICIA set up a legal entity in China as an IP holder in order to hold intellectual property of those projects developed in University of Haifa that wish to seek for opportunities in the Chinese market.

  • ICIA launched a joint fund with Carmel for investing in Carmel’s portfolio companies that plan to enter the Chinese market.

  • ICIA assists the scientific research projects of University of Haifa with business development in China.


       Ben Gurion University

  • ICIA connected BGU with Shanghai Normal University and facilitated signing of the cooperation agreement between the two universities.

  • ICIA located one of its offices in Gav-Yam Negev in order to provide services for companies in it.

  • ICIA facilitated signing of the cooperation agreement between Gav-Yam Negev and Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.

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